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Husky CargoEstablished to serve those individuals and businesses in need of custom trailers, Husky Cargo continues its tradition of delivering affordable prices to customers. Now under new management, Husky Cargo will remain as the loyal manufacturer of custom built trailers customers formerly knew as Hurricane Cargo.  This new management does not mean customers are not able to receive the same superior customer service and satisfaction they did before. The organization and its management will provide the same level of service and excellence as they produced before for both existing and new customers.

The first paragraph is backwards….Should be that we still build the same high quality products but with new management’s commitment to better customer service.

Because a large percent of the trailers built are ordered by the end user for a particular purpose, selling direct to the consumer gives customers two major advantages. The first advantage is the ability to work directly with a factory representative to place your order. The representatives at this organization are experts on the trailer building process and have the ability to help with ideas. Some customers are not aware of the possibilities available to them, so these trailer representatives can assist in a number of ways.  Also, by working directly on the factory floor, the representatives have the ability to walk the production line on a regular basis. Maintaining a constant visual on the customer’s product ensures that every aspect of the trailer is built according to customer specifications. With a limited number of companies offering this type of service, it matters that the company can provide this to all customers.
Secondly, because Husky Cargo skips the process of having to deal with a distributor, the middle man is not involved and they are able to put better quality into the product. Customers no longer have to pay higher prices for the same quality components. Located in the southeast, the organization has a number of other trailer factories around them. With most of these factories using lesser quality materials in the manufacturing process, Husky recognizes the power of setting themselves apart. They use parts that are known to prove heavy duty. This provides the product with an extended life span and makes the trailer more aesthetically pleasing and able to operate better. The benefit of the trailer looking better than the competition’s is merely an additional perk.


Whether your needs are for a gooseneck, standard or heavy duty trailer, Husky Cargo can more than accommodate customer needs. I don’t understand the following sentence “Factory direct parts”???For this company factory direct parts are key because they know individuals and businesses that are in need of large trailers have specific needs. Meeting these needs is where Husky Cargo shines. Even if a customer needs to make changes to the design of their trailer, this company can make it happen. Whether the need is an enclosed racing trailer or a custom trailer for a show car, the packages offered by Husky Cargo are the right choice.

The Husky GN Series Gooseneck trailers have sizes from that range from 26 to 53 feet, and a customized trailer layout for the customer’s detailed and specific use is offered with every trailer. Factory direct means better components. Husky uses a QUAD I-BEAM chassis’ on all Gooseneck trailers. Built with heavier duty wall and roof materials this means that the trailer will not twist and torque like those of the competition. Because the company builds around three Enclosed Gooseneck trailers a day as compared to their competitions 1 or 2 a month Husky’s experience level, ensures that their products are well suited for all commercial applications.

Our heavy duty series trailers are developed for consumers who use their trailer every day. Landscapers, contractors or small freight operators that run a small business need a trailer built with rectangular square tubing, pressure treated wood and LED lights for safety. These customers need a trailer that can handle the bumping and torque of daily use. Customers can trust that the trailer they are pulling is the best in the business.

This company also manufactures motorcycle trailers, and racing trailer. . The showcase of their product lineup is their new Husky HD Stacker Series with, built-in, hydraulic lifts. These trailers are built with all the optimum features of their other trailers plus lots of other high end upgrades like finished interior and cabinets. With the ability to hold more than one racecar at a time, these premium features come standard, which is not the case with the organization’s competitors. Because customization is important to customers, it is also important to Husky Cargo and this is why they offer a list of other options for customers to choose from.Building a custom race trailer requires approximately three weeks to manufacture, depending on the time of year. But, no matter the season, this company is the consumer’s choice in building trailers that fit exact application needs.

Husky Cargo Offers a Proven Warranty

The right warranty will protect an investment and save the customer money and time. A warranty from the manufacturer covers specific components for a set amount of time or a set number of miles. When making a major purchase the manufacturer makes a promise to stand behind their product and this company is no different. Not only do they stand behind every trailer they make, but also behind every piece of material utilized in the manufacturing process.

Husky’s goal is for customers to never have issues with their trailers, however, the organization also understands that problems and issues sometimes occur. This is why they offer a warranty on their products. The five year limited warranty is there to protect customers if there is a problem. They have the ability to offer this generous warranty because they build over 10,000 trailers a year and have learned what to look for. This warranty covers all the trailers they make. Though some aspects of the trailer are not covered under the five year warranty, however issues with the structure of the unit are. Plumbing, windows, fiberglass and tires are covered for 90 days after the date of purchase. Husky strives to have very few warranty issues, but if there is a problem they will go out of their way to solve it.

Additional items included in the 90 day warranty include:

  • Sealant
  • Paint
  • Undercoating
  • Trim
  • Fenders
  • Wood doors

Although operating under a different name, Husky Cargo is still the same dedicated trailer builder customers knew before. With motivated customer service representatives who work with consumer through every step of the process, to the quality materials used in manufacturing, this company is the best choice for quality trailers. If custom design and the best value is what you are looking for, Husky Cargo is surely the only choice.

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Awesome design, congrats for the new site!!

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